Recruitment officer jailed after forcing Polish ‘slaves’ to work for £ 20 a week

David Handy helped Polish thugs find work for hundreds of exploited victims (Photo: SWNS; Google)

A recruiter who made nearly £ 1million supplying Polish slaves to a parcel delivery company has been jailed alongside two other mainstays of human trafficking.

David Handy, 54, acted as a ‘legitimate employer’ through his ASAP 24/7 agency to supply workers to Birmingham-based logistics company XDP.

The workers were sent to him by Mateusz Natkowski, 29, and Lukasz Wywrinski, 38, who used violence and intimidation to keep them in line while forcing them to live in squalid beds scattered across the West Midlands.

Handy skimmed off some of his victims’ legitimate income while paying their wages into bank accounts operated by Natkowski and Wywrinski, leaving them with earnings of just 50 pence per hour.

Up to 400 Polish nationals, including teenagers and a man in his 60s, are believed to have been trafficked to the UK – many of whom were “homeless, vulnerable and desperate to earn money”, said prosecutors said.

A man was promised £ 300-450 a week and UK accommodation and forced to sneak into a two-bedroom house with 11 people with no beds, no heating, no hot water or cooking facilities .

For three weeks he worked 12 to 13 hours a day and was paid a total of £ 10.

Detectives found the victims were kept their papers, fed stale food, and forced to retrieve discarded mattresses for sleeping.

David Handy supplied workers to logistics company XDP.  XDP depot in Feltham (Photo: Google)

Gangsters supplied exploited workers to the XDP parcel company (Photo: Google)

Some of the slaves said they were forced to use the nearby canals for washing and defecating due to the lack of water and toilets on the properties.

The court heard how exploitation led some victims to self-harm, while others believed their families would be targeted if they surrendered to the police.

The trio have been convicted in three trials following the UK’s largest modern slavery lawsuit ever, which exposed what is believed to be the country’s largest human trafficking ring .

David Handy, 54, of Oxford Street, Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent was convicted of conspiracy to compel people into forced labor, conspiracy to traffic people for the purpose of exploitation and money laundering and was sentenced to seven years in prison on Friday.

Lukasz Wyrwinski and Mateus Natkowski?  who both lived on James Turner Street in Birmingham?  played the role of

Wywrinski and Natkowski were jailed for more than four years each (Photo: WMP / SWNS)

David Handy (54).  A corrupt recruiting agent who lined his pockets by providing slave labor to a large parcel company has been jailed after police linked him to a gang of Polish traffickers.  David Handy made a small fortune while his workforce tapped?  trafficked to the UK with false promises of wealth and a good lifestyle?  lived in poverty and in some cases ended up with only 20?  per week.  Handy established the recruiting company ASAP 24/7 Ltd in May 2015 and supplied the logistics company Sutton Coldfield XDP?  who was he working for?  with dozens of workshop workers sent to him by their Polish gang leaders.  Was the 54-year-old man able to maximize his profits by crushing some of his victims?  earnings before paying wages directly to their exploiters?  Bank accounts.  He also received setbacks from the trafficking gang for agreeing to find internships for the victims who were under their control.  Handy, of Oxford Street, Stoke-on-Trent, is believed to have won over 500,000?  that he used to pay off his mortgage and other debts, and was able to accumulate savings of around 400,000 ?.  He denied any involvement, but in June a jury found him guilty of conspiracy to coerce people into forced labor, conspiracy to traffic in human beings for the purpose of exploitation and money laundering. silver.  Handy was jailed for seven years at Birmingham Crown Court.

Handy made a small fortune while his victims lived in dire poverty for as little as £ 20 a week (Photo: WMP / SWNS)

Mateusz Natkowski, 39, homeless, was convicted of three counts, including conspiracy to require another to perform forced or compulsory labor and conspiracy to control another for purposes exploitation through labor.

He was imprisoned for four years and six months.

Lukasz Wywrinski, 38, pleaded guilty to six offenses and was jailed for four years and three months.

Another man, Shane Lloyd, 47, of Newcastle-under-Lyme, has pleaded guilty to two counts of money laundering after cashing nearly £ 140,000 for Lloyd through his own bank account.

He was sentenced to 20 months suspended prison sentence and 200 hours of unpaid work.

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