Nottingham recruitment specialist appoints senior executive


Recruitment specialist Thorn Baker Group has strengthened its senior team with the appointment of Iain Brown.

Iain will become responsible for people services, a newly created position that will help Thorn Baker execute his human resources strategy and his intentions to improve learning and development opportunities for the company’s staff so that they can ‘she can nurture, train and develop her own talents.

Iain has over 20 years of experience in the recruiting industry and has created and led human resource strategies, enhancing learning and development, employee engagement, staff onboarding and retention, in d ‘other leading recruiting firms.

Iain joins Thorn Baker of The Best Connection Employment Group, where he enjoyed a 15-year career as a Human Services Manager, supporting over 1,000 staff in their professional development and career progression.

At Thorn Baker, in his newly created role, Iain will align the human resources strategy and the HR function of the company with the overall strategic plan of the company. This will ensure that staff benefit from cutting-edge learning and development opportunities and effective employment integration and engagement policies and is supported by a people-centered HR policy.

Part of Thorn Baker’s continuing evolution is the creation of a role of “Head of People Services” and the appointment of Iain. The company has grown steadily over the past several years, including throughout the pandemic, and is experiencing a high demand for personnel from its clients in the construction, industrial and estates sectors and maintenance of installations.

Thorn Baker is on track to achieve nearly £ 40million in revenue this fiscal year, a milestone for the company founded in 1988.

By creating the position of Head of People Services, Thorn Baker aims to become one of the leading employers in the recruiting industry to attract top talent and achieve excellent staff retention and productivity.

Paul Jackman, CEO of Thorn Baker Group, said: “I am very proud that we continue to grow as a company and that we are able to support our customers with the people they need to help their businesses thrive.

“As we grow we want to ensure that we continue to invest in our people, supporting, training and nurturing their talents, so that we have exceptional teams across the UK. I firmly believe that if you put your people first, everything else will follow.

“I am delighted that Iain has joined Thorn Baker and I am sure his complementary skills will be a valuable addition to our senior team. By joining us as “Head of People Services,” Iain sets our intention as a company and shows that we take the well-being of people, their learning and their development seriously.

“By joining the company, we want our staff to know that there is a career path for them and to ensure that they are supported by effective opportunities for integration, engagement and learning and development. . For our clients, they benefit from working with highly trained recruiting specialists who will be up to date with issues affecting their businesses, such as compliance and modern slavery.

Iain Brown says, “I am extremely excited about my new role at Thorn Baker and look forward to working with the management team and staff at all levels to help shape the human strategy for the company. business.

“The Thorn Baker Board of Directors and I share the same view that taking care of our people and becoming a top employer must be at the heart of the business, especially if we are to continue to grow with it. success. I was impressed with the way the company responded to the pandemic, the culture and ethics and how it supported its staff, and this played a big part in my decision to join the company.

“I like to support people to allow them to progress in their careers. This role will help me reconnect with that goal and the part of my role that energizes me the most, working with people at all levels of the company to help them grow and become great at what they do. .