List of candidates for the Personnel Today 2021 Awards: Recruitment Innovation Award

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As today’s Staff Awards approach next month, we present the finalists for the Recruitment Innovation Award. This award was open to organizations that have developed innovative ways to attract talent.

Blood Cancer United Kingdom

At the start of the pandemic, the Blood Cancer UK charity had to cut its staff from 120 to 87. One of the jobs it was forced to lose was its dedicated recruiting officer, which prompted the team HR left to make the most of their time spent on recruiting, rather than spending long hours administering recruiting. He identified social media as the most cost-effective way to build his employer brand and attract top talent, including those outside of the charitable sector. Rather than just posting job vacancies, she produced videos for applicants to see the team they would work with and a “movie trailer” showcasing her position as director of fundraising. The use of videos on social media allowed it to receive 121 applications, compared to an average of 67. Diversity, equality and inclusion were key priorities for its new strategy. It has placed its agile work and well-being offerings at the center of its benefits offer; removed “desirable” such as diplomas from its job descriptions; gave examples of reasonable adjustments on its website and introduced a more inclusive interview process by sending interview questions to candidates 48 hours in advance to help them prepare.

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Diversity has improved since the overhaul of the recruitment process. Blood Cancer UK attracted 23% more applicants from outside the charitable sector and saw an increase in different age groups applying – 7% over 16-24 and 16% over 45-54 . It also saw 10% more men applying for roles.

Microsoft in partnership with TheTalentPeople / GetMyFirstJob

To help its partners and customers improve the number and diversity of their technology learning candidates, Microsoft and TheTalentPeople / GetMyFirstJob have created the Microsoft Apprenticeship Connector, a platform that helps young people