JaminKerja’s initiatives facilitate the recruitment process

KUALA LUMPUR: Employer groups hailed the JaminKerja initiative for easing the recruitment process, saying they hoped it would help them hire people with the right skills.

Malaysian SME Association chairman Ding Hong Sing said the initiative was a win-win situation for employers and employees as it would save businesses the hassle of advertising vacancies while job seekers could apply for a job through the job fair or online.

“It’s easier with the MYFutureJobs portal,” he said.

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Christina Tee said the initiative was good, but the application process should also be smooth and easy.

As industries face a huge challenge in the form of a talent shortage, she said the initiative would help solve the problem.

Tee said concrete and immediate action was needed to attract highly skilled people, especially in the fields of computing and automation, given the shortage of engineers.

“There’s a preference for working in the gig economy and the manufacturing has become ‘unglamorous,'” she said.

The government has allocated RM4.8 billion to create 600,000 jobs this year under the JaminKerja initiative, which was launched yesterday by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Malaysian Federation of Datuk Employers Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman JP said JaminKerja would reduce the unemployment rate to around 4% as it was considered full employment.

“However, JaminKerja’s initiatives need to be complemented by initiatives aimed at attracting locals to fill vacancies in various sectors of the economy such as plantations, construction, manufacturing and the service sector,” he said. -he declares.

He also said employers need to implement automation and mechanization and adopt more robotics to be more efficient and productive in their operations.

“Employees need to be upskilled and re-skilled to be able to work with new technologies in the workplace,” he added.

Syed Hussain also said there was a need to find ways to manage talent with a focus on creating quality jobs and helping workers equip themselves with the skills needed to get jobs in the sectors. growing.

“The country needs technical resources to meet the needs for more technical resources. We clearly need to provide alternative skills education to complement the needs of the country,” he said.

Director of Popular Meadow Sdn Bhd Business Group, Datuk Chia Hui Yen, said that as a business owner, she was able to find more trustworthy candidates, noting that JaminKerja would also help them select the candidates.

“Currently, as the market has just reopened, we have many vacancies and we need manpower to help us rebuild the business. Before the Chinese New Year, we posted 10 vacancies on MyFutureJobs and we have already closed five positions from there,” she said.

Chia noted that the system has reached more people nationwide, adding that it will give them a diverse field of applicants from different states.

“I hired a candidate from Kuantan and (another from) Sabah because they wanted to work in Kuala Lumpur, so this initiative also gives us the opportunity to help reduce the unemployment rate in other states,” a- she declared.

Ammar Fadzli Ahmad Lutfi, who is now employed as a business assistant, said the move would help graduates like him.

“This initiative is easier for us because all employers are under one roof. We only have to provide our academic certificates and we are able to get interviews fairly quickly. It’s really convenient,” he said, adding that he managed to get a job within a week of applying.