Free Ebook: Relaunch of the 2021 employer brand

As optimism revives the recruiting landscape, does your organization’s employer brand look a bit like a bunny in the headlights? If you thought there was no choice but to downsize during the pandemic, you may have recently been able to turn around to attract the right talent to join so you can recover and grow up again.

Now is the time to give your organization the competitive edge it needs. Take this opportunity to do things differently and better. Find out what your current and potential employees really expect from you as an employer and what they are looking for in their careers so you can better understand them. It will pay dividends for attracting and retaining your talents.

Ask yourself the question: how strong is your employer brand? This could be a great time to reboot and stand out from the crowd, in a positive way.

Download this free guide to get an overview of the latest trends in employer branding and recruiting marketing to help inform your next steps, taking a look at what has changed and how you can make the most of it. Find out how to position your organization as an employer of choice and practical advice for tackling common challenges throughout the pandemic and beyond.

The free, downloadable Campaign Jobs ebook covers:

  • What is the employer brand?
  • How has the employer brand evolved?
  • Stand out as an employer of choice
  • Best tips


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