Employer thanked for supporting firefighters on duty in Runcorn


Firefighters thanked a Runcorn carpentry company for supporting staff who should be called upon to act as firefighters on duty at all times.

Brad Baig and Ricky Goff, both stationed at the Runcorn Fire Station, work for Howdens but may quit their job when they receive an alert about an incident facing the Runcorn Duty Fire Truck.

The Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) presented an Employer Recognition Award to the company as a thank you for taking on the firefighting roles.

Representing Howdens to receive it from station manager Ian Pugh and duty manager Darren Jones was site manager Laurence Parr.

Group Director Tony O’Dwyer, who heads the recruitment of duty firefighters for CFRS, said: “Duty firefighters provide emergency coverage to over 90% of the UK.

“There are over 14,000 in England, protecting our small towns and rural communities.

“Employers like Howdens are invaluable in supporting the Cheshire on-call firefighters initiative.

“Firefighters on duty must live or work within five minutes of their local fire station, ready to respond to one of the many types of incidents we are called upon.

“There are mutual benefits for employers of on-call firefighters, thanks to the extensive training our operational staff receive.

“Training, which includes problem solving, risk assessment, teamwork, first aid and trauma care, adds value to a business at no additional cost to it.

“We are extremely grateful to Howdens, who has supported the on-call program since its inception, for supporting both CFRS and its local community. “

The Runcorn Fire Station is located on Heath Road, Runcorn, Cheshire.

Any employer who wants to learn more about releasing their staff as duty firefighters can find out more at cheshirefire.gov.uk