Celtic English Academy wins employer award

Awarded by inclusive work experts from Chwarae Teg’s FairPlay Employer Team, CEA said the Gold Award symbolizes the Academy’s strengths in resilience, adaptation and forward thinking.

The award compares employers to others in the industry on gender equality, among other areas focused on equity and standards, and strives to create a truly inclusive workforce.

By working with the organization for equality, diversity and inclusion over three years, CEA improved unconscious bias, recruitment and selection, the gender pay gap, family-friendly policies and fostered a more inclusive work environment, he said.

“We have worked hard to achieve the Gold Standard FairPlay Employer award by improving our HR and organizational culture over the past few years and demonstrating our strong commitment to equity, inclusiveness, well-being and flexibility at work, ”said Shoko Doherty, CEO of Celtic English Academy and UK English Vice-President.

“The award comes from an anonymous staff survey and benchmarking, so I’m touched and honored by the genuine feedback it brings that speaks to our workplace.”

“Obtaining this award is a clear example of the value of an organization like CEA”

CEA has made diversity and inclusion a priority and hopes to inspire others, the school added.

“To get a Gold Award, the client has to be of a very high standard and their staff also have to believe in these standards and truly live and breathe the culture of the company,” said Stephanie Griffiths, Commercial Director at Chwarae Teg.

“It is a testament to their dedication that they were also finalists in the FairPlay Employer category at the 2021 Chwarae Teg Womenspire Awards.”

“Obtaining this award is a clear example of the value of an organization like CEA – educational tourism in Wales and the UK generates significant economic expenditure for the savings of local visitors, while also promoting a better cultural understanding between nations and future opportunities, ”said Andrew Campbell. , Chairman of the Wales Tourism Alliance.

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