Announcement of the AJ100 employer of the year 2021

The firm, which has 177 employees in offices in Sheffield, London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast, has been praised by the judges for continuing to demonstrate its deep commitment to social mobility and the expansion of the access to the profession, and for its positive employee-centered approach. to the pandemic.

“HLM seems genuinely energized by the challenges of the pandemic and has really considered how it can turn it to its advantage as an opportunity for new ways of working that promote well-being,” said one of the judges.

In 2020, HLM put its individualized training program Academy online, so that it can be provided to adapt to all schedules; created digital toolkits for collaboration; and introduced its new digital “voice hubs” to ensure staff voices are heard. Rather than wait for normality to return, he designed a new “mixed” home work place of the future, which he will pilot for six months.

Techniques, Cardiff

Source: Phil Boorman

The practice trained an additional mental health rescuer and developed an “I-Belong” survey and framework for “allied groups” as part of broader inclusion and wellness programs. As a member of the Trailblazer Apprenticeship, HLM has a solid track record of broadening pathways into architecture and has carved out a path into the profession from the age of seven through its engagement with local schools. She joined the Social Mobility Pledge and has a policy of anonymizing applications to promote equality in the recruitment process.

The practice demonstrates diversity at a high level – 60 percent of Trust’s board of directors are women and four of its five studios are headed by women. Sixteen percent of its architects are from BAME.

HLM became an employee shareholding trust in December and made its first profit bonus payments.

This year’s prize was hotly contested, with a number of serious contenders. The judges were impressed with the focus of the shortlisted practices on mental wellness and diversity. They noted the emergence of a new focus on women’s health, including the challenges of menopause, with Architype describing itself as an “endometriosis friend” employer.

Strongly recommended: JTP

The judges praised the practice’s long-standing excellent social benefits, which include generous vacations, 50% off childcare costs, as well as an interest-free housing assistance loan, which is now used by 28% of the staff. The practice’s response to Covid-19 has also impressed, particularly its board-led initiative to tackle meeting and email overload while working from home, as well as contributing to invoices staff fuel. During the pandemic, JTP was able to avoid layoffs, cuts in pay or working hours, and completed time off 100% for those earning less than £ 29,000.

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