Anniversary bonuses and “dog days” are among employers’ preferred work benefits

WHEN it comes to attracting new talent or retaining loyal and dedicated staff, should employers look beyond ordinary extras?

With candidates in charge, many are looking beyond the usual flexible work, employee health plan, or gym membership offerings; says Peterborough recruiting firm Anne Corder Recruitment.

And it seems employers already agree when it comes to adopting out-of-the-box benefits; as shown in a recent LinkedIn survey conducted by Anne Corder Recruitment.

Employers responding to the survey placed “giving staff an annual cash bonus on their birthday” at the top of the current list with more than a third (38%) of the vote – closely followed by ” dog days’ and allowing pets to join their owners in the office at 27 percent

The programming of social time during the working day received 19% of the votes, with the offer of massages to those who work remotely or at home being favored by 16%.

Recruitment partner Nel Woolcott said: “Our survey survey was really interesting to read, and it shows that employers are ready to embrace new ways of thinking when it comes to attracting and retaining. the staff.

“While the proven employer pension plan and / or health plan continue to have their place, the work landscape that has become the new normal for so many means that flexible working is no longer a reality. It’s no longer a real benefit, but bringing your canine companion – who has kept you company for months working from home – to the office one day a week is considered a real plus.

“Some of the options favored by respondents are less beneficial financially but are rich in gains in physical and emotional well-being.”

Nel added: “What we are experiencing is candidates are in the driver’s seat right now, and employers need to come up with an attractive hybrid work strategy.”

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